What are the New Changes in PTE Academic?


Apeiro Training Services has provided PTE training services for the past six years in Perth, with thousands of students achieving their desired results, it is ranked as one of the best PTE training centres in Western Australia. Therefore, we would like to share with you insights into how the new changes in the PTE Academic test could affect test takers.

Starting 16 November 2021, the PTE Academic is set to change. Some of the general changes are as follows:

  • A more personalized skills profile will now accompany the PTE score report. The skills profile will provide additional feedback on the individual’s performance and share suggestions on improvements that can be made.
  • Adding an element of ease and comfort for those wishing to use the score to apply to a University, PTE can now be taken up anywhere. This change means individuals can attempt PTE right from their homes.
  • The time duration of the exam has been reduced to two hours, from the earlier three hours. The language will be tested using the same question types but with fewer questions.

More vitally, the following details outline the exact changes occurring. It is necessary to read the following tables carefully to fully understand how this might impact you:

From our perspective, it seems that as a result of the changes, the partial credits will be reduced, in particular, the partial credits given from speaking to listening.

Some aspects that are not changing are:

  • The range of questions and the difficulty level of the test.
  • The results of PTE would still be valid and accepted across multiple institutions, universities and professional bodies. This includes over 3,000 academic institutions and the UK, Australian, and New Zealand governments for visa and immigration purposes.
  • PTE band scores for immigration purposes have not changed. *Please note that in Nov 2020, Pearson released the new benchmark for PTE scores. However, the Australian Migration Department hasn’t yet made a decision to adapt these changes. Having stated this, some Universities and/or Institutes have the right to adopt the new benchmark system. Therefore, we strongly recommend you contact the Education providers to check the score requirement.

Some important dates to bear in mind are:

  • The online text bookings for PTE Academic are available from 25 October 2021.
  • Score reports before 16 November 2021 will not be changed.
  • Practice tests reflecting the new time of 2 hours will be made available from 27 October 2021. *Please note that, students who purchased the three-hour practise mock tests can request from Pearson for these to be exchanged for the new two-hour version.

Apeiro Training Services is proud to be able to offer the new training package as soon as it is released. This will be in the form of a new learners’ guide with all the updated changes included.