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PTE Academic, or Pearson Test of English Academic, is a globally recognized computer-based academic English language test, designed for non-native English speakers seeking to study or work abroad. It tests the Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening and awards a score that is necessary for study abroad and immigration.

Since 2015, Apeiro Training Services has always taken pride as we are offering a very high quality of service and excellent teaching when it comes to the PTE classes that we offer. These PTE courses have been tailored to suit students’ needs, in particular those who have very little time to achieve their desired results, or even those who require longer periods, such as shift or FIFO workers. We even have the option of studying Live online PTE classes, as many students are unable to come to the campus.

Apeiro Training Services provide excellent student support to help students with PTE preparation, study feedback, test booking and class scheduling. We stand behind our claim as thousands of students have walked through the door hoping to pass, and have achieved their desired score, and in many cases, even higher than they thought possible. This has been due to our approach of offering theory and practical advice, together with tips and tricks written in our own in-house PTE course book. This is further supported by individual computers for each student to apply exactly what they have learned. 



PTE Academic score is globally recognized


Up to 20 migration points towards permanent residence


Known to be higher scoring than other exams


Easier to learn in terms of time required


Fully computerised exam in all sections: no human subjectivity


Flexibility with testing dates as it is offered 7 days a week


Faster results, and in some cases, the same day.


PTE Premium



2 Weeks, Monday – Friday

6.00pm – 9.00pm

Weekly intakes every Monday


Covers ALL 20 Tasks

Highly recommended for students who have not attempted or are not familiar with the PTE test.

PTE Express



2 Days, Saturday & Sunday

10.00am – 5.00pm

Monthly intakes on a Saturday


Covers 13 High-Scoring Tasks

This session will help you go through all the important PTE tasks along with the practice in just 2 days.

PTE  Unlimited



Access to  PTE Premium & Express for 1 Year


Covers ALL 20 Tasks

Suitable for students who need to take the PTE test multiple times or require a flexible schedule. Classes are subject to availability

10% Off for PTE UNLIMITED Course and PTE PREMIUM Course. Please show your student ID with Guild membership to get the discount.

*If you are eligible for multiple discounts, you can only enjoy one of them.



Apeiro Training Services PTE Student Learners Guide written by experienced trainers with heaps of helpful information.


Proven effective combination of the most recent theory and practical tips, strategies and question types in each class.


Individual computers with practice software for each student


Daily assessments with Student Performance Sheet over modules covered; these are assessed and marked by the tutor;


Support and the unlimited feedback from the head trainer until the desired score is reached.


Unlimited Real and/or Mock Test feedback until a student reaches their desired scores


Thousands of proven results for all levels within a 2 week period!


Recognition of student achievements and rewards for referring friends.


Helpful admin to solve any scheduling issue that occurs.


Uncover the pinnacle of PTE excellence with Apeiro Training Services. Explore remarkable PTE scorecards achieved by our accomplished students.



The answer is quite tricky as of 2021, IELTS released a new Concordance Report that recommended
changes to the scores required for PTE ; however, as of today, the Australian Immigration Department has not
made any of the recommended Therefore, the scores are as follows for this department only:
IELTS 5 band- 37
ELTS 6 Band: 50
IELTS 7 Band: 65
IELTS 8 Band: 79
If you are planning to use the same certificate and/or scores for university entry or special visa types,
It is highly recommended you contact that organisation and enquire what PTE score they require as
other institutions are able to set their own benchmark of PTE scores; in other words, it is NOT a
universally accepted mark..

There are currently 3 location in Perth, Western Australia:
1. Pearson Centre (Perth CBD)
2. Navitas (Perth CBD)
3. ECU Joondalup Campus
I usually recommend students to chose the one that is closest to where they are residing to
avoid travel issues. However, each centre has its pros and cons; I do usually recommend
Pearson Centre as they are a direct representative of Pearson itself. The test is available
7 days a week, 4x a day. You can only sign up for one PTE exam; then, after receiving the results
candidates must wait a 5 day period to resit the exam.

Absolutely a big YES! We have trained thousands of students over the last 8 years, the majority
who received their desired scores on the 1st attempt after taking our 2 week intensive programme,
or even our weekend express class that is held on Saturday and Sunday once a month. It is more
commonplace for 1 to 2 out of 10 to receive perfect scores of 90 in all 4 modules!

I would strongly recommend taking a mock as it allows you to see whether indeed you are fully
prepared for the real exam. The questions and timings are in the exact same format as the real
PTE exam. The scores provided by Pearson are almost exactly the same as the real test
as the same software marks both; however, cheaper alternatives are available on other preparation
sites but students need to be cautious as the scores are NOT calculated correctly as only Pearson
has the official software and therefore, may provide a false impression of the student’s true level.
Furthermore, al though a mock test at any time is better than not sitting one, the time frame that is highly
recommended is 5-7 days before your real PTE exam, providing ample time for review and strenthening
of weak points,

YES YOU CAN!~ However, special stipulations do apply!
1. No band score in the 4 modules is below 58; and
2. must be taken within a 6 month period.
It is vital to meet BOTH of the above conditions

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