What Are Health And Community Services, And Why Are They Important?


Health and community services aim to provide a wide range of services to educate people on good health, especially those at risk of poor health and who need economical and social support.

The industry involves various occupations in child care, aged care, primary care, mental health, and disability. The services available depend on individuals, families and the community living in the area.

The primary focus is advocating good health, disease prevention and management, which ‌improve the health and well-being of residents and take pressure off the health care system.

Aims of Community and Health Services

Community health services aim to improve the health and well-being of ‌residents by:

  • Encouraging people to take part in their health care actively.
  • Working with other primary health care providers, such as doctors, to provide coordinated care.
  • Liaising with other health agencies and service providers to fill service gaps.
  • Encouraging individuals and community groups to actively take part in the centre’s activities, including service planning, fundraising and volunteer work.
  • Promoting prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions.
  • Developing health care programs and activities to improve social and physical environments in the community.

Services offered

The services offered vary between community health services, depending on the local area’s needs. They include:

  • Counselling and support services
  • Health promotion activities
  • Medical and Nursing Services
  • Dental Health
  • Allied health, including audiology, dietetics, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  • Aged care services
  • Alcohol and Drug Programs
  • Mental Health Programs and many more.

The importance of community health services

The primary aim of these services is to make people living in rural areas get access to proper care and treatments in the hour of their need. Older adults, pregnant women, neonatal, and people with chronic
illnesses living in a distant location from a hospital are always at high risk. This is where community health services come into the picture, which serves as a big hope.

Addressing disparities in access to healthcare: In rural areas, people lack access to medical facilities, such as unavailability of doctors and shortage of hospitals. Such populations are at high risk of exposure
to extreme poverty, drug abuse, and several other threats to human health and life. In that case, the general level of service of the community will be increased.

Minimising costs to healthcare: Health is an essential element in our lives, and the health policy reforms aim to lower public spending on healthcare. Public health services work within a patient-centred
treatment model, including patients in decisions regarding care. This model helps physicians direct patients away from expensive visits to the emergency departments or clinics.

Establishing public health centres and programs: The rural areas were highly affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease spread rapidly among people, which led to much suffering. In the wake
of this, community health services have become vital tools. The holistic health treatment model helps physicians manage and avoid various disorders from spreading simultaneously.

Public outreach programs: Public outreach campaigns include direct medical care programs, educational materials, advertisements, and announcements encouraging healthy lifestyles. Some organisations operate mobile and pop-up clinics that offer disease prevention programs within the community. To extend public education into all aspects of the community, health workers and physicians will often partner with local political systems, social work agencies, and schools.


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