Important Things You Need to Know About the Professional Year Program


If you have just graduated from a University in Australia, what is your next step? If you are planning to start a career in this country, there are a number of ways to go about this big step. You could jump straight into the deep end and learn on the job, or prepare yourself in advance and give yourself a better chance of success in the field of your choosing.

This is where the Professional Year Program from Apeiro Training Services can help. Not only does this training program assist you hit the ground running in terms of your career, but it also provides successful candidates TO become eligible to receive points towards permanent residency under the Skilled Migration pathway. This program also benefits those looking to add new dimensions to their current skill set, and secure promotions in their current career path.

What exactly is the Professional Year Program?

This 44-week program consists of 28 weeks of face-to-face classes with highly experienced and qualified trainers.

The goal here is to teach a wide variety of career skills that can be applied in most workplaces in Australia. The various aspects of this course can give you a better perspective towards your career in terms of workplace expectations and career goals. This course is comprehensive and takes into account individual needs and career objectives.

With all that said and done, theoretical training and knowledge can only take you so far, which is why the program also includes a 12-week internship placement in the field of your choice. This could provide you with invaluable experience to carry forward into your future workplaces.

Now that we have looked briefly at what the program entails, what are some key points to consider before enrolling?

To be eligible for the Professional Year Program, one must

  • Have completed an Australian postgraduate or undergraduate course in IT, accounting or Engineering.
  • Hold or must have applied for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485, either stream) or; an eligible Secondary Visa with work and study rights; with at least 12 month’s validity
  • Have attained a PTE score of 50 or an overall IELTS score of 6.0 in all categories or an equivalent course.
  • Have a positive skills assessment for your desired occupation. Please note that this applies only to Accounting and Engineering.

Now that you have a fair idea about the programs and its requirements, here is a list of incentives that you will receive when successfully applying for the Professional Year Program.

Firstly, you can forget the hassle and the paperwork as Apeiro Training Services can handle your documentation for you.

Secondly, as a bonus, you will also receive a FREE PTE unlimited course worth $1000, which provides full access to all of our PTE courses for one year; or WE ARE HAPPY TO refund the PTE Unlimited Course in case you apply for the Professional Year Program after attending the Unlimited Course.

Apeiro Training Services provides this course in partnership with leading partnering RTOs (high standard colleges) to give you the best possible outcome for your career.

The first foray into your future workplace may be a difficult transition right after graduation, but the Professional Year Program can make the journey much easier. Enroll today and reap the benefits.