How to prepare for the PTE Academic exam after completing your PTE training course


In the quest to excel and ace English language proficiency tests like PTE, all students ask the big question, how to prepare for the PTE Academic exam after completing your PTE training course?

Planning a complete preparation strategy for the PTE Academic exam is crucial to achieving the target score & beyond. It is recommended that students take mock tests to check their current skill level and explore their strengths and weaknesses. If you have not done too well in the mock trial and if time permits, you can start by taking an English course which will help you build the foundational skills. 

PTE assesses your reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Previously the tests lasted three hours but from November 16 2021. PTE Academic will take just two hours to complete. This is done to give a shorter, less stressful test experience. 

Here are two valuable tools and resources to help you prepare for PTE Academic. 

1.Take a Scored Practice Test

We recommend you take an online mock PTE Academic Scored Practice test. These tests are regularly updated, including questions and content used in the past exam, and follow the exact timing as an actual PTE Academic exam.

They are scored too, so after completing the practice test, you get a score report that will help you understand what areas you need to improve. 

2. Download & Explore PTE Apps 

Some great PTE applications are available online for those who want to study on the go. The app includes many interactive practice activities and gives you instant feedback on each answer. What’s more, the practice app creates a personalized study planner for you. This sends you daily suggestions for topics to study right up until your English online test – making sure you don’t miss anything important. The free practice app also provides a detailed exam format, procedure, and scoring. And, it includes helpful "how-to guides" – which give tips on things like reading speed and difficult vocab – to help you get the best score.

Avoid These Mistakes while preparing for PTE Academic

Let us have a look at what you should not do while preparing for PTE Academic.

Dont Assume You Know Everything

This is a very common error made by students who are over confident in their English skills. Keep your feet on the ground and accept that you don’t know everything. Things you don’t know can harm your overall test score. 

Do not learn the vocabulary by heart 

You need to understand each word in different contexts, and then utilize it in your own sentences. That is how you can expand your vocabulary. Learning new phrases in that manner will help you remember words and phrases even after taking the PTE tests. Don’t think mastering one or two skills will compensate for the others. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but to pass PTE Academic, you’ll need to step up your game and improve all of your skills, especially the ones that you’re less confident in. This is the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared. Ensure to prepare days before the exam and try not to leave everything
for the end. Even if you have a strong English vocabulary, it is important to familiarise yourself with all parts of the exam and practice. Learn to utilise your time for each task. 

Ready to start preparing for PTE Academic?

We hope you have found these tips and strategies helpful. There are few of the many ways to prepare for PTE Academic, so you’ll need to find the preparation study path that is right for you.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Many times, PTE test takers are often confused about the direction of their PTE preparation plan. Below are some tips for 2022 on how to top the PTE exam:

1. Plan ahead
2. Know what you’re getting into
3. Practice tests is mandatory
4. Build your vocabulary
5. Focus on your subjects 
6. Don’t ignore the other subject

7. Utilize good materials
8. Know question types
9. Log in your errors
10. Plan on taking the exam twice

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