How to Prepare for PTE


The Pearson Test for English (PTE) is a two-hour-long, computer-based English language test. It is aimed at non-native English speakers in Australia who are working towards obtaining permanent resident status in the country. PTE scores are mainly accepted in countries like Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, and New Zealand. It assesses the speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills of individuals. Also the PTE Academic training’s score is globally recognized by many universities. The computerized test is known to be a popular alternative to IELTS.

Apeiro Training Services is a PTE coaching centre in Perth. The PTE training institute offers a two-week program called PTE Premium Course  that enables individuals to improve their overall communication skills by assisting them in their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Apeiro Training Services’ course is designed so that the trainer will deliver two tasks a day in a three-hour lecture. Therefore, after the completion of two weeks(PTE Premium Course), all 20 PTE tasks will be covered. The two-week learning cycle is designed to help students learn consistently. 

It is recommended that individuals opt for a two-week class as it will enable students to receive the required tips and tricks to ace the test. Apeiro Training Services offer the following benefits to individuals who opt for the PTE course:

  • Customized course structure
  • Access to mock tests with feedback on performance
  • Unlimited support
  • Friendly staff to assist you with all PTE-related concerns
  • Theory and Practical study material
  • Daily assessment with feedback provided

With PTE online testing commencing from 16 November 2021, here is how you can prepare for it:

  • Speaking

Oral fluency, which is smooth rhythm and phrasing, is the main element in this section. Being able to learn what PTE requires for this skill is mandatory. For example, practising difficult words, maintaining speed without hesitation, and listening to and repeating what is heard about different topics for 2-3 minutes daily.

  • Writing

Individuals can prepare for the writing section by practising components of the enabling skills. This ranges from content, format, grammar, vocabulary and written discourse.

You can also write paragraphs of 50 to 70 words on topics that you are passionate about. Individuals can ace the writing section by practising the structure in the written format. 

  • Reading

From newspapers to novels, the more you learn to skim and scan, which means finding the main ideas quickly, the better the results achieved for PTE. Also, individuals preparing for PTE can motivate themselves by reading about what they enjoy the most. The idea of this section is to gain focus and understanding. To ace the reading section, one needs to understand the vocabulary they read and focus on the keywords. Paraphrasing is another aspect that can help individuals in this section. Lastly, a basic understanding of English grammar is extremely important.

  • Listening

Listening to all sorts of media are great ways to immerse oneself in a language. If one is just getting started with PTE, subtitles are a great way to check comprehension, learn new vocabulary and correct spelling, which provides the majority of the marks in this section. Listening to new content will not just improve vocabulary but also the understanding of the language to successfully complete Fill In the Blanks and Write From Dictation in the PTE exam.

With practice and access to the right techniques, individuals can achieve their desired score in the PTE exam in a time-saving manner.  Apeiro Training Services’ coaching offers a productive environment to learn and prepare for the PTE exam.