Do you hone dental skills in Australia? Avail ADC coaching benefits


Before you start a practice as a surgeon, it is compulsory for you to register yourself with the Australian Dental Council (ADC). As far as training in Australia is concerned, you can obtain dental training after completing your academic training. A lot depends on the university you joined along with your study extending five years.

The case, however, would have been different if you received training overseas. Three ways through which you can seek Board’s registration listed below—

  1. Join the country’s dental school to pursue your dental study.
  2. In some circumstances, you might receive recognition with your degree getting recognised.
  3. Ensure completion of ADC exam as a student.


Students obtaining a degree from UK, Ireland or Canada in no small measure can benefit in Australia. Obtaining registration becomes a lot easier with different pathways planned thereby helping you to speed up the entire process.

If you obtained a dental degree in your home country, you would have to undertake a Dental Council exam. All that is necessary for you is to clear your examination divided into the following stages—

  1. Apply whether or not you are eligible to register yourself in the exam
  2. If the Council finds that you are a suitable applicant, you can take the English exam which in itself is the first stage
  3. Next step, however, is a written exam primarily including a preliminary examination
  4. The final step is that after you passed both English and preliminary tests, you are liable for a practical test.

The rule of the thumb is that every exam stage is stated to be complex. Dentists trained overseas have to put in their best so that they prepare hard to crack the exams. ADC coaching is the only solution where you evolve strategies and shine in different tests conducted by the Dental Association.


Established in 1993, ADC is a recognised body created by Australian Dental Association and State and Territory Dental Boards.


The exam structure comprises two exams—

  • Preliminary Exam

Rightly so, it is termed as the next stage in your assessment process. This examination is designed in a manner to help students possess dentistry knowledge. The exam is conducted by the Australian Pharmacy Council with test’s relevant aspects comprising –

  1. The exam is conducted twice in a year. The first session is planned in the first week of March. If you want to apply for the first session, you should submit your application before December 1. Whereas, the second session is in September first week with applications to close on June 1.
  2. The exam which is divided into two papers includes short answer question and multiple choice sections.
  3. Generally, it takes two days if you are planning to sit for the exam i.e. on Thursday and Friday.
  • Clinical Examination

The 6-day test is conducted twice in a year in Australia. If you want to sit for this exam, it is compulsory for you to pass the exam and obtain the Occupational English Test (OET) valid certificate. The certificate is valid and extends the duration of a minimum period of two years. You are bound to be allocated with a date and venue after you get permission to take the final exam.


One of the ways you can score high in your ADC exam is to practice more right in your training sessions which are part of your coaching. Part of your training regimen, you can seek a comprehensive package of 16 days and avail the best training forms before appearing for your ADC examination. From demonstration, lectures to practice sessions, every training form benefits you with a 2-day mock test enhancing your skills in a simulated environment.

Under the able guidance of our tutors and with many years of experience they possess, you can expect the best tips from them in the training stage itself. Preferably, this helps you to excel in your preliminary and clinical examinations. Ensure you score high in the practical ADC exam preparation courses and mock test. If faced with difficulty or unable to get the desired score despite mock tests related to ADC examination, you can always consult our panel of experts coming to your assistance.