Government Funded Courses

Government funded courses under the Jobs and Skills WA Program(for local students).These courses are provided by our partnered RTO (RTO Code 51973).

Health & Community Services

Health and community services is Australia’s second largest employing industry – and is still growing! It delivers a range of residential and social assistance services to support our community. This is a significant task, and it involves a diverse range of occupations in areas such as community services, aged care, and disability.This is a rewarding industry to be involved in, and you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you.

Commercial Cookery & Hospitality

Commercial Cookery has been identified as one of Australia’s ‘high-growth’ sectors over the next two decades, as employment in the hospitality sector is forecast to grow considerably over the next three years. Taken together, the two sectors make up one of our most important industries. This sector employs a wide range of people to provide accommodation, and food & beverage services. If you enjoy meeting new people and trying new things, you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you in this dynamic and exciting industry sector.


These English courses are designed for eligible adult learners from migrant backgrounds who need to develop their basic English language skills in English speaking and writing. Learning English will help you to participate and integrate more fully into Australian culture. You will learn new skills to help you work and make friends in Australia.


Every industry utilizes information technology – from cyber security, web development to telecommunications network engineering etc., the career opportunities are endless.

The qualifications and courses in this area will prepare you for work in roles such as Cybersecurity officer, Cyber Security consultant, Network Administrator, Network support coordinator, ICT Support Officer, ICT Manager, ICT Systems Administrator, Office Systems Administrator, Systems Manager.

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