Tips to improve your essay writing score in the PTE exam

Tips to improve your essay writing score in the PTE exam

PTE test has been quite popular recently, especially amongst students who are applying for higher education in Australia. Like any other English language proficiency exam, PTE also has four sections, which are Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

The writing section is combined with the speaking module in the PTE exam, and the candidate gets about 54-67 minutes to attempt both these modules. The candidate must answer brief questions in the writing module, write an essay, and summarise the written text. You can make the most of this section if you attempt it correctly.

There are two sections in the writing of the PTE exam:

Summarise Written Text: In the Summarise Written Text question type, you will be scored based on the content, formal requirements, grammar, and vocabulary. When completing this question type, you should first quickly scan and read the text promptly to understand it.

Write Essay: The second part of the writing section contains the Write Essay question type. This question will test grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse skills. It is essential
to manage time, as you will need enough time to plan, write, and proofread the essay within 20 minutes.

In the quest to excel PTE exam with flying colors, here are some brief PTE tips that can help you enhance your PTE academic writing score significantly:

  1. Improve your typing speed: The quicker you are, the better it is for you. Regular practice can help you achieve good typing speed, which will help you in the writing section. If you know how to type, improve your speed and minimise errors. Once you are in the exam hall, you ‌see that good typing speed straightaway puts you over others.
  2. Keep it simple: Shorten long and complex sentences, and writing long sentences without proper punctuation makes it sound confusing. The Pearson test assessors are not looking for long, impressive sentences; they look for clear and concise ones.
  3. Work on Vocabulary, Grammar and Sentence Formation: When writing an essay, having a good vocabulary level can help a great deal, as it can change the way the essay sounds and add quality to your write-ups. Correct sentence formation and correct grammar add weightage to the essay, brief questions, and written text.
  4. Hone your proofreading skills: Never underestimate the importance of proofreading. Many students make silly mistakes in essays, only to repent later. If you have spare time‌ once you finish writing, utilise it to proofread your essays. Proofreading will help identify grammatical and spelling errors.
  5. Practice mock tests: To improve the PTE Academic writing score, one of the best exercises is to attempt as many PTE practice tests as possible. Most PTE coaching institutes provide PTE free mock tests for all the modules. Regular practice will only help you with time management, where you can learn to devote time to different tasks depending on your capability. This will help enhance the overall PTE score.

Following these tips will help you improve your essay writing score in PTE. It’s up to you to practice as much as possible. Join Apeiro Training Services to learn about the PTE writing tests.

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